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Kaltura Pitch Marketing Video

Introducing Kaltura Pitch, Kaltura's effortless tool for creating personalized video messages. Easily create video emails and then track exactly when your target watches them. Kaltura Pitch…

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Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzing Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of how to create your own interactive video quizzes, including how to make multiple choice questions, yes/no or true/false questions, and pauses for reflection.

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Introducing Kaltura Personal Capture

How easy is it to use the new Kaltura Personal Capture to make your own videos and other rich media? It’s so easy our kids could do it.

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Video Solutions for Corporate Communications

Bring a personal touch to corporate communications. Today, getting everyone in one room is often impossible, but emails are frequently ignored. Instead, use video, both live and on-demand, to make a…

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Lecture Capture Walkthrough Video

From the smallest classes to the biggest lecture halls, manage all your lecture recordings from any lecture capture hardware. With Kaltura Lecture Capture, record every single class, no matter where…

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Personal Capture Walkthrough Video

Make it easy to create videos and other rich media, without specialized equipment. Kaltura Personal Capture combines an intuitive interface with a user-centric experience and interactive viewing to…

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Kaltura MediaSpace walkthrough

Kaltura MediaSpace is the company's market-leading social video portal. With MediaSpace, users can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos,…

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Create your own YouTube, fully under your control, with the leading video portal. Kaltura MediaSpace offers a single platform that can be customized to meet the video needs of any organization, from…

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Making Connections

Tips for prospecting with video: What can you do to make a personal connection with your target?

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How Long is a Video?

Tips for prospecting with video: Just how long should a sales video be?

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