Video Tips

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    Learn how to prepare for creating your own video content. We cover preparing your script, how to position your camera, and even what or what not to…
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    In this video we focus on how to create a great quality video without needing a professional team and studio. How to set-up, select your background, tips for lighting…
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    In this video we cover how to get the best quality audio. Which mics to use, that aren't too expensive, how to leverage music and more.


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    With 100,000 users joining every day, Viacom18 knows how to scale fast. Their new digital VOD service VOOT launched in April with close to 17,000 hours of domestic and…
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    Kaltura provides today’s leading broadcasters, service providers, telcos and content owners the industry’s most comprehensive platform to launch OTT…
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    Leading media experts share tips on how to generate and promote content, increase engagement, and more.


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    At the University of Portland, Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, Loretta Krautscheid, knew that lectures were not the best way for students to learn hands-on…
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    Effective capture methods are the foundation of any video program. Unfortunately, choosing a vendor for capture software has often locked institutions into formats and…
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    These edtech video leaders share their tips for using video in everyday teaching and learning applications.


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    With Kaltura Webcasting, refocus webcasting on the user experience. Innovative design helps presenters shine, producers relax, and participants engage. Kaltura's…
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    MetLife's OneVoice not only has rallied employees, spread best practices, and created a greater sense of camraderie, it even netted them an award for innovation.
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    Looking for a way to spread best practices across a company? Discover how video can dramatically increase knowledge sharing and boost cooperation, even for global teams.