1_Kaltura Video Tips - Preparation

Learn how to prepare for creating your own video content. We cover preparing your script, how to position your camera, and even what or what not to wear. Transcript Hi, I'm Rebecca. Welcome to…

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Kaltura BuildingBlock

Sallie Reissman, Senior Director of Online Learning and Education Technology, shares her personal experience with using Kaltura BuildingBlock.

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Kaltura Server Plugins - Extending the core Kaltura Server

Join TanTan, Kaltura's leading backend developer and the person behind many of Kaltura's core features as he walks you through the deepest architecture of the Kaltura Server.You'll…

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Sharing Stories That Inspire at Philips | Kaltura Case Study

Philips employees are using video to share their stories and inspire others. Using BlueTube, an internal video media platform built on Kaltura, they are able to share their videos and ideas in a…

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Popcorn fun at the Kaltura booth - OSCON 2014

Join us for hot delicious Popcorn today at the Kaltura booth! :)

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Kaltura & UVA: Using Video All Across Campus | Case Study

Video is a core communication tool for UVA, used in almost every aspect of life both on and off campus. Hundreds of classes and lectures are made available via the web to assist teaching and…

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Building Kaltura - The Video Operating System

Meet the Kaltura team members who build and extend the Kaltura's video operating system.

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Technological Innovation In Higher Education

Dr. Shay David and John Katzman discuss the implications of technological innovation in higher education.

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Morrocan Cooking Assignment

Video assignment published by Sallie Reissman, Senior Director of Online Learning and Education Technology, as part of her online cooking course.

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Bringing The Curriculum To Life At at UNH | Kaltura Case Study

This video was taken at a regional Kaltura conference held with the University of New Hampshire. Watch the rest of the conference videos at:…

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InfoComm 2017 - Kaltura-Matrox Lecture Capture Integration and Value Proposition

Presented at InfoComm 2017 - The Kaltura-Matrox Integration for Lecture Capture (HW based LC)

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Reaching the Masses: Deploying OTT to A Broad Base in Record Time - Viacom18

With 100,000 users joining every day, Viacom18 knows how to scale fast. Their new digital VOD service VOOT launched in April with close to 17,000 hours of domestic and international content. Find out…

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Jono Bacon | XPRIZE

Jono Bacon, Founder of the Community Leadership Summit and Author of The Art of Community, discusses Social Media, Community Building and Management, policies and tools for community leadership and…

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Jono Bacon | Ubuntu, Canonical

CLS Interview with Jono Bacon, Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical, author of "The Art of Community" and founder of CLS. @jonobacon

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Lessons From Leaders - Purdue University

Purdue Expanding the Reach and Footprint of Video: How Purdue Implemented Kaltura Across the Campus How do you determine a video strategy? Adam Hagen walks through the best practices for integrating…

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Video As A Necessity In Education

Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, shares his views about the importance of video and multimedia content in education today.

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