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Kaltura Enterprise Video Solutions

Power video across your business. Kaltura provides a single unified video platform to drive your company's digital transformation. Get the tools to power every video use case that modern…

From  Rebecca Rozakis A week ago 100 views

Central Park in 360

Virtual reality and 360-video are an integral part of the future classroom. We shot a cool demo tour of Central Park showing how VR 360 can be used in the classroom to teach history, English…

From  Rebecca Rozakis 6 Months ago 178 views

1_Kaltura Video Tips - Preparation

Learn how to prepare for creating your own video content. We cover preparing your script, how to position your camera, and even what or what not to wear. Transcript Hi, I'm Rebecca. Welcome to…

From  Alon Finkelstein A year ago 2,497 views

2_Kaltura Video Tips - Recording Video

In this video we focus on how to create a great quality video without needing a professional team and studio. How to set-up, select your background, tips for lighting and more. Transcript Hi,…

From  Alon Finkelstein A year ago 1,911 views

3_Kaltura Video Tips - Recording Audio

In this video we cover how to get the best quality audio. Which mics to use, that aren't too expensive, how to leverage music and more.

From  Alon Finkelstein A year ago 722 views

4_Kaltura Video Tips - Post-Production

In this video we discuss how to wrap up your video with some simple post production tips. Transcript Hi, I'm Rebecca. Welcome to Video Tips where we show you some easy ways to make better…

From  Alon Finkelstein A year ago 781 views

Curing Cancer with Open Science—and Video - Novartis

The boundaries of scientific research are expanding daily—which can make it hard to keep everyone up to date. Novartis has 6,000 scientists working on various treatments, including curing…

From  Alon Finkelstein A year ago 373 views

Enterprise - Video-based Learning & Training

Kaltura's market leading video solutions are used by top educational institutions and global enterprises for teaching, learning, and corporate training.

From  Alon Finkelstein 2 Years ago 1,019 views

5.1 - 5.4 Flavors and Transcoding | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video you will learn about the concept of flavors and gain key insight into video output settings best practices for uploading into Kaltura.

From  Devin Drake 4 Years ago 738 views

Managing Metadata | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video we’re going to be learning about managing metadata for entries in the KMC. The term “metadata” is, to put it simply, data about other data. In our context it refers to…

From 4 Years ago 2,079 views

Publishing & Sharing | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this video tutorial you will learn to publish your content. In the ‘Preview and Embed’ window, you will be able to choose all your embed features and the KMC will automatically create…

From 4 Years ago 2,380 views

Media-Less Entry | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

This tutorial covers the third KMC upload method: preparing entries by creating the metadata in anticipation of a later upload. Preparing media-less entries is useful when you want to publish a web…

From 4 Years ago 691 views

Rule-Based Playlist | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

In this tutorial we describe the second playlist option Kaltura provides - a rule-based playlist. This playlist follows specific rules that a KMC user creates. These could be based on video tags, a…

From 4 Years ago 1,221 views

Manual Playlist | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

Playlists are a great way to draw a larger audience to your content. In this tutorial you will learn how to create a manual playlist. Using this feature you can group any type of media (videos, audio…

From 4 Years ago 830 views

Upload Tab: Media | Kaltura KMC Tutorial

The Upload Menu is a staple feature of the KMC and can be accessed through the navigation bar at the top of all pages of the KMC. In this tutorial we will explore Upload from Desktop, Recording from…

From 5 Years ago 1,185 views

MediaSpace Admin Basics | Kaltura Tutorial

This video reviews the Administrator Console of Kaltura's MediaSpace site. This video will show you how to initially set up your MediaSpace site and customize the overall look of the site.

From 5 Years ago 1,764 views