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Lecture Capture at University of New Hampshire - Kaltura User Group

In this hour-long recording from a Kaltura User Group, the University of New Hampshire discusses their usage of Kaltura Lecture Capture.

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Kaltura Lecture Capture at Indiana University

Explore Indiana University's experience rolling out Kaltura Lecture Capture. Want to learn more about Kaltura's lecture capture solution? Check out…

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University of Portland: Building a Student-Run Studio

When the demand for professional-quality video production outstripped the capacity of the University of Portland’s Academic Technology Services, Samuel Williams had a brilliant idea. He began a…

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University of Portland: Personal Development for Students through Video

The University of Portland Pamplin School of Business features a co-curricular personal and professional development program. While students learn the technical aspects of business, they are also…

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University of Portland: The Impact of the Flipped Classroom

At the University of Portland, Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, Loretta Krautscheid, knew that lectures were not the best way for students to learn hands-on material in the nursing…

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Changing the Learning Paradigm without Breaking the Bank: How Wilmington Empowers Faculty and Students to Embrace Technology - Wilmington University

Many educational institutions are interested in expanding their online learning programs, but may be a little intimidated. Won’t creating that much video be expensive? Will professors,…

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Transforming Education with Video

Watch this video to be inspired by an amazing organization, created by Shai Reshef, that allows anyone, anywhere to get a higher education degree. Leveraging Kaltura's video solutions for its…

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Lessons From Leaders - New York University

Global Video Deployments in Education: How NYU Deployed a Seamless Video Experience Across Their Worldwide Campuses With well over 100,000 students, faculty, and staff spread across 13…

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Lessons From Leaders - Purdue University

Purdue Expanding the Reach and Footprint of Video: How Purdue Implemented Kaltura Across the Campus How do you determine a video strategy? Adam Hagen walks through the best practices for integrating…

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Lessons From Leaders - Century21

Better Learning with Video- David Birnbaum, Vice President, Learning, Century21 University

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Online cooking course? No problem!

Sallie Reissman, Senior Director of Online Learning and Education Technology, talks about how she incorporated video in a cooking online course.

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One interface. All the tools you need.

Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, tells about the advantages of Kaltura's all in one solutions for Blackboard.

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The Use of Video in Every Step in Education

Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, about the variety of uses for video by the staff and students in the learning process.

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