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Introducing Lecture Capture

Need to keep students focused? Want to them to be successful? Today’s classroom extends beyond the classroom walls. Students need to be able to watch lecture recordings wherever they need to…

From  batchUser 8 Months ago 3,408 views

Kaltura Classroom - Walkthrough

Get a quick introduction to Kaltura Lecture Capture. Kaltura Lecture Capture is an exciting new way to manage all your lecture recordings from any course capture device, from the smallest classes to…

From  Alon Finkelstein 10 Months ago 2,921 views

6. CaptureSpace Lite - Webcam Recording

In this short tutorial we will walk through creating a new webcam recording using Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite and uploading it to My Media on MediaSpace or your LMS.

From  Alon Finkelstein 2 Years ago 1,294 views

Kaltura CaptureSpace Walkthrough

Kaltura CaptureSpace is an exciting new tool for creating rich media content. Join Renan Gutman, product manager for CaptureSpace, to learn more about how to create rich, interactive content your…

From  Alon Finkelstein 2 Years ago 7,800 views