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Keeping Employees Up to Date with NSB

The state-owned Norwegian railway company, NSB, was moving from a monopoly situation to having to compete for railway contracts. The whole company needed to change to meet this new reality, by…

From  Rebecca Rozakis 2 Years ago 429 views

Innovation in Employee Engagement with MetLife

MetLife's OneVoice not only has rallied employees, spread best practices, and created a greater sense of camraderie, it even netted them an award for innovation.

From  Alon Finkelstein 2 Years ago 1,432 views

Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace is the company's market-leading social video portal. With MediaSpace, users can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos,…

From  Alon Finkelstein 3 Years ago 5,630 views

Kaltura MediaSpace - Key Highlights

Learn about the latest Kaltura MediaSpace capabilities and how your organization can make the most out of these features. The overview will include the following: • Shared Repositories •…

From 3 Years ago 1,163 views

CorporateTube - The Enterprise Video Portal

Transform the Way Employees Work, Learn & Collaborate. Launch your own internal secure video portal for training, knowledge sharing and corporate communications, to deliver greater productivity…

From 3 Years ago 1,422 views

Kaltura Flips the Classroom - Video For Education

Kaltura video tools for education allow you to enhance teaching and learning as well as to leverage innovative teaching techniques, such as "Flipped Classroom", in your curriculum.…

From 3 Years ago 873 views

Kaltura Video Extension for IBM Connections

Video inside the enterprise is quickly becoming mainstream. Whether you are top executive who wants to engage your employees, a sales manager that needs to convince a prospect , an HR exec in charge…

From 4 Years ago 682 views

Sharing Stories That Inspire at Philips | Kaltura Case Study

Philips employees are using video to share their stories and inspire others. Using BlueTube, an internal video media platform built on Kaltura, they are able to share their videos and ideas in a…

From 4 Years ago 3,193 views

Intro to Kaltura MediaSpace 5.0 Enhancements

Learn about the exciting features and enhancements in the Kaltura MediaSpace 5.0 application. In this version we introduce a new user experience that was rebuilt from the ground up, with optimization…

From 4 Years ago 1,973 views

CorporateTube - Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Using Video

InterCall CorporateTube is an internal video portal which provides the means for employee collaboration and knowledge sharing, while maintaining powerful governance capabilities including open and…

From  Zohar Babin 5 Years ago 2,293 views

InterCall and Kaltura Present - CorporateTube

New InterCall CorporateTube Helps Organizations Create, Manage and Deliver Video Content More Effectively. InterCall Leverages Kalturas Video Technology to Create Video Sharing Environments for…

From  Zohar Babin 5 Years ago 1,076 views