Kaltura BuildingBlock

Sallie Reissman, Senior Director of Online Learning and Education Technology, shares her personal experience with using Kaltura BuildingBlock.

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Popcorn fun at the Kaltura booth - OSCON 2014

Join us for hot delicious Popcorn today at the Kaltura booth! :)

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Kaltura & UVA: Using Video All Across Campus | Case Study

Video is a core communication tool for UVA, used in almost every aspect of life both on and off campus. Hundreds of classes and lectures are made available via the web to assist teaching and…

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Lessons From Leaders - Purdue University

Purdue Expanding the Reach and Footprint of Video: How Purdue Implemented Kaltura Across the Campus How do you determine a video strategy? Adam Hagen walks through the best practices for integrating…

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FLOSS Weekly 388: Kaltura Update

Zohar Babin and Jess Portnoy join Randal Schwartz to talk about Kaltura, a leading platform for open source video. Get full show notes at…

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BrightSpace LMS Walkthrough

Experience our video tools in BrightSpace and see firsthand how faculty and students are using Kaltura’s video tools

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Angela Byron | Acquia

CLS Interview with Angie Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia, author of " Using Drupal" and core contributor of Drupal. @webchick

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One interface. All the tools you need.

Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, tells about the advantages of Kaltura's all in one solutions for Blackboard.

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SEO Marketing Techniques | Redman Tech & Kaltura

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Redman Technologies uses video to promote more than 1,000 real-estate websites. They leverage video in smart and innovative ways to create instant video slideshows and…

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University of Portland: Building a Student-Run Studio

When the demand for professional-quality video production outstripped the capacity of the University of Portland’s Academic Technology Services, Samuel Williams had a brilliant idea. He began a…

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Video Technologies Revolutionizing Education – Educause 2012

Educause is the biggest annual gathering of IT professionals working in the education space. The conference took place last week in Denver, Colorado and video was one of the hottest trends. We…

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The Use of Video in Every Step in Education

Russ Lichterman, Education Technology Specialist, about the variety of uses for video by the staff and students in the learning process.

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Vodafone - The Next Generation of OTT TV

The next generation of OTT TV is being rolled out on the Vodafone Spain network. Using Kaltura to power their set top box on-demand services, customers have access to a new level of content…

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Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT | Kaltura Case Study

Video is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry. NNIT is a great example of an innovative use-case:

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Maintaining A Quality Video

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