1_Kaltura Video Tips - Preparation

Learn how to prepare for creating your own video content. We cover preparing your script, how to position your camera, and even what or what not to wear. Transcript Hi, I'm Rebecca. Welcome to…

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2012 Kaltura DevConnect Highlights

Kaltura's annual DevConnect conference is a place for developers, publishers and the Kaltura team to come together and [re]define the future of online video. This year's event took place in…

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2016 Video Stream Voot Chooses Kaltura for Advanced Monetization

Kaltura, leading OTT video technology company, announced in early April 2016 it powers Viacom18’s newly launched digital VOD service VOOT, the ad-supported video streaming service with advanced…

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2_Kaltura Video Tips - Recording Video

In this video we focus on how to create a great quality video without needing a professional team and studio. How to set-up, select your background, tips for lighting and more. Transcript Hi,…

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2U: Online Collaborative, Social Learning Experience

Breaking down the walls of physical institutions with online learning experiences, 2U has tweaked online education by adapting the latest technology and partnering with traditional educational…

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3_Kaltura Video Tips - Recording Audio

In this video we cover how to get the best quality audio. Which mics to use, that aren't too expensive, how to leverage music and more.

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3Play Media Case Study: Powerful and Easy Captioning

In this case study video, we explore one of Kaltura's Premmium partners, 3Play Media. Making video searchable, accessible, and SEO-friendly by providing high quality closed captions, interactive…

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4_Kaltura Video Tips - Post-Production

In this video we discuss how to wrap up your video with some simple post production tips. Transcript Hi, I'm Rebecca. Welcome to Video Tips where we show you some easy ways to make better…

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A Long Term Relationship

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Active Learning With Video at UNH | Kaltura Case Study

This video was taken at a regional Kaltura conference held with the University of New Hampshire. Watch the rest of the conference videos at:…

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Adam Kroll | 10gen, MongoDB

CLS Interview with Adam Kroll, Marketing & Sales Manager at 10gen.

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Alex + Robots

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Angela Byron | Acquia

CLS Interview with Angie Byron, Director of Community Development at Acquia, author of " Using Drupal" and core contributor of Drupal. @webchick

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Are They Ignoring Me?

From  Alon Finkelstein A month ago 8 views

AT&T Aspire Mobile App Hackathon Highlights

The fun spirit, innovation and caliber of creative, brilliant minds at the AT&T Aspire Mobile App Hackathon that took place at the weekend of Oct 12-13, 2012 in NYC in partnership with the…

From  ananya.sundararajan@kaltura.com 5 Years ago 312 views

Automated Video Slide-show Creation with Node.js and Kaltura

A architectural overview of how Moreno and Quimet leverage Kaltura’s platform to help them generate automated (real estate) video tours for inclusion on our website platform. Videos provide an…

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